Don’t believe the hype SD-WAN Carpetbaggers tell you.

Cywest providing secure enterprise solutions way before COVID-19.

The Coronavirus has impacted businesses in all industries forcing reliance on data services at historic levels but when we need network reliability, uptime and security the most during this crisis, SD-WAN is exhibiting serious holes and breakdowns. We are confronted with headlines such as:

Cisco warns of five SD-WAN security weaknesses | Network World

On more than one occasion Cywest has called out SD-WAN for what it is. At the most recent Society of Communications Technology Consultants International (SCTC) conference, held Nov 18 – 21, 2019 at the Eaglewood Resort & Spa near Chicago, Cyrus Nooriala, CEO of Cywest Communications, called out the hype of what the marketers have been saying about SD-WAN during his presentation titled, “What an Enterprise Solution Should Look Like.”

“While SD-WAN appears to be the latest and greatest, it might really just be the same solution with a different wrapper.” Mr. Nooriala also cautioned against the hype surrounding SD-WAN services, saying, “How often are we going to implement the latest solution… and we still talk about many of the same problems like bandwidth and performance.”

Mr. Nooriala went on to specifically identify key SD-WAN breakpoints often obscured by marketplace hype, and his view on the current state of the telecommunications industry:

“Today’s industry is made up of disparate vendors resulting in awkward data solutions combined with inadequate Service Level Agreements, or SLA’s. Whereas a ‘true’ enterprise solution should sincerely address the very real issues that companies are facing today. As a result, a communications solution should incorporate the following elements:

  1. A quality communications platform.
  2. Embedded security features.
  3. Embedded cloud services for maximum performance and control.
  4. Proactive support services with immediate response times.
  5. And a Service Level Agreement that encompasses all of these elements.

The lack of those elements in an SD-WAN solution is a stain on the industry I love. Overhyped solutions rarely solve problems. Part of the problem is the telecom industry looking to find the next expedient marketing approach to please shareholders. The other problem is a marketplace only wanting cheap and quick solutions, so the industry accommodates accordingly. But as we know, problems don’t really get solved that way.”

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