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The Right Computing Platform for The New Normal

True or false: You're safer at home, and so is your data.

Answer: Half of this statement is true. As social distancing directives have changed the way we do business, our teams have no choice but to adapt to working remotely, productively. That's not possible without secure and accessible data on the right cloud computing platform.

As leaders in remote technology solutions, we shared tips on quickly migrating to a cloud solution that makes your workforce productive, collaborative, and secure from anywhere. You can get through this and be stronger on the other side!

This webinar covers:

  • The measurable business benefits of a personalized private cloud
  • How to protect your business data and employees' devices from data breaches
  • The best support model for any organization's cloud infrastructure
  • What it means to have 'Layer 3' security (and why Layer 1 is better)

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President & CEO

Cyrus Nooriala has served as President and CEO of Cywest Communications, Inc. since July 1998. Before Cywest, Cyrus founded various companies providing leading-edge technologies to meet the demand for better means of communication.

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Director of Channel Sales

Alan's professional experience encompasses all facets of channel interface including partner recruitment, development, go-to-market strategies, training, and relations. He has spent fifteen years prior managing and developed partner programs globally.