History of Cywest


Our story

Cywest Communications, Inc was formed in 1998 as a wireless communications company providing last-mile services to telco companies and end-users. During this process, Cywest created back-end systems to monitor deep network elements to assist in troubleshooting networks for performance.

This development quickly grew into a niche market where Cywest was able to provide a managed network service. We started providing customers with information and visibility into their networks that weren’t available before. This inspired Cywest to begin offering their expertise in network design to help a segment of the marketplace that required more than just the vanilla network offerings supplied by the telecom industry.

The years culminated in Cywest’s patented support systems and services and the development of its most innovative offering to date; cywestEdge.

Easily shift your legacy environments to a true cloud replacement. cywestEdge simplifies the complex and allows anyone to implement virtual data centers with the most advanced cloud technologies.


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